Thursday, September 26, 2013

Things that happened this week

Monday was lab work day.  Marty was booked solid, so friend Pat took me for the blood draw.  We used my new handicap placard and parked at the door.  She then took me for lunch because she said I needed to get out and be normal.

On Wednesday the parents of a good friend sent Marty and me roses.  The note said it was to cheer us up.  And the roses did cheer us up.

They arrived just as I was throwing away the flowers my brother and his wife sent me two weeks ago.  Perfect timing.

Yesterday I felt pretty good.  Marty had meetings until early evening so I told him I would cook. This was my first attempt other than toast or a sandwich, at cooking in three weeks. 

This is healthy baked chicken breast with mixed vegetables and a medley of wild mushrooms.  There is just a little wild rice and the broth sans fat from the chicken, veggies, and mushrooms poured over it. 

Today not such a normal day.  I have been tired, and cranky.  Lucky for Marty he wasn't home.  All week my blood pressure has been in the safe range.  My pulse is still erratic, but not dangerously high. 

I am being good, eating healthy and walking every day.  I am up to walking 25 minutes a day. That is 22 minutes more than I could walk when I came home  That is not real fast, but steady.  I have to be able to walk strongly without tiring before I can go back to volunteering.  I also have to stay up longer than an hour at a time.  Baby steps.

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