Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Chemo Brain maybe

Lately if I can't remember something I blame chemo brain.  And that is a true problem.  But sometimes, because I did this before I got sick, I just can't remember things. Prime example this week, the SAFE problem

After we were robbed last year we got permission from the landlord to put in a security system.  We also put in a couple of safes for jewelry, emergency money, checkbooks.  Stuff like that.  Now I did help Marty set up the combination punching buttons when he told me to, but I didn't read the book of instructions.  He was reading it. 

Well, Monday I tried to open my safe and an error code came up.  I kept trying and it locked me out for 15 minutes.  I asked Marty for help, it wouldn't open for him.  So we got the book out. Not a lot of info for our problem.  But I did learn if you punch the wrong code when locking the safe it resets to that code.  It will display the code for 2 seconds so you can see what it has become.  So setting up your code and closing the door have the same operation.  Evidently I had hit a button wrong and changed the code.  So we got the override key.  And it didn't fit my safe, tried the second key, didn't fit.  Crap. 

We worked on this little problem for a full day.  We figured out the keys only fit his safe.  Where were my keys?  The next morning Marty called the manufacturer, gave them the serial number. They told him what forms to fill out and to have notarized, how much money to send,(a lot).  I thought too much money for this, the keys have to be in the apartment somewhere.  So we started looking again. 

Drawers were dumped out, vases upended, shoes boxes checked out.  And then my fuzzy brain cleared and I knew where I had hidden the keys.  I retrieved them, opened my safe and kissed my jewelry hello, and then reset the combination.  In the future I will check the readout on what numbers I punched in to lock it.  I still think it is dumb to have the code to lock also the reset option at the same time. 

Where did I hide the keys?  As you can tell, in a very secure place.  And you ask again where did I hide the keys?  You don't really think I will tell you do you? 

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