Saturday, May 30, 2015

Health update once again

This has been  a busy week.  My brother and his wife arrived Friday afternoon from Kentucky.  So I spent the week getting ready for them, plus normal domestic stuff. 

This is Erik's week off, so I did laundry, cleaned the bathroom, and dusted the apartment.  I also cleaned out drawers for them to have a space for their clothing.  I walked 30 minutes most days and had chemo on Tuesday.  I baked cookies and made a  pasta salad.  Only walking was done on the same day as other activity. One night I had company and we went out to eat. 

Who knew baking cookies took so much energy, as did the salad.    I was worn out after baking 8 dozen cookies.  Lots of standing and walking back and forth.  And then there was the salad, standing and chopping pickles, mixing the sour cream dressing, it was so good.  I knew Ann and Henry would love it.  Well I forgot one important fact:  Ann can not eat anything with dairy.  Oops.  Then I had corn on the cob, for other reasons, she can't eat corn.  That will cause a hospital visit.  So messed up that meal. 

Back to my health, all the above activity wore me out.  I needed naps in the day time and fell asleep watching TV at night.  Every night I was exhausted.  I think part of being tired was from the accumulated chemo.  Part was the extra domestic stuff.  Each week I have been more and more tired.

This week was bad.  I felt puny and hated that feeling.  I hated that making cookies was a big tiring deal.  I couldn't ignore the fact I am sick.  Many days I can.  Not this week.  I slept long and hard during my naps.  I forced myself to walk most days.  I had to push to do normal things.  Marty said don't worry about cleaning and walking.  And I said I have to do these things to keep my strength up.  If you don't use it you lose it.  But as puny to as I felt, I am still nowhere as sick as pre-Christmas.  

That said, today we went Stanford University ( a 45 minute drive) to see the Rodin exhibit.  Absolutely wonderful.  Also overwhelming.  So much to take in, 200 pieces to view.  A lot of walking and standing.  But tonight I am not as tired.  Go figure, baking is harder on me than two hours of walking.

I still am doing well.  No pain, no awful side effects, just tired and punier.  I can live with that, and I am.  Thank you Prayer Warriors!


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