Saturday, May 2, 2015

Adapting to hair loss

Adapting, that seems to be most of what I do now.  I adapted to being diabetic, to A-Fib, to giving myself shots twice a day, chemo brain.  I have learned to pace myself and not over do.  I have adapted to a whole new body (that one is kind of nice, 100 pounds down and wearing cuter clothes.) One biggie to adapt to, no driving.  Chemo brain and drugs that make me dizzy, not good to be behind the wheel.  I have even adapted to asking friends for help.  So you can see, I can adapt to new things.  But this hair loss. . .

I now have to use sun screen all over my head.  My head gets cold. Makeup is required on my head. Then we have the problem of hats.  I always thought I had a huge head, hats always were tight, would not go on sometimes.  It was a problem.  Well guess what, I don't have a big head, I had lots and lots of thick hair.  All that hair was causing the hat problem. 

When I walk outside, which I am now strong/steady enough to do, I wear a big brimmed hat.  That keeps the sun off my face.  The hat sat just right on my head and the crown of the hat was a nice distance above my ears.  Not anymore.  I put that hat on and it falls to my ears, the crown sits on the top of my head.  If I didn't have ears that hat would fall to the bottom of my nose.

As for the makeup, I have figured out how to feather it from my face upon my scalp.  The problem is I am getting makeup all over my pull over shirts.  No hair, so the shirt touches scalp and the makeup.  I forget to hold the neck out going over my head.  Makeup ends up on the collar, on the neckline.  Not a huge problem, but I am not adapting well to dressing myself and not getting makeup all over. 

I am sure I will figure this out.  Just wanted you to know all my problems are  not life threatening health issues. 

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