Sunday, May 10, 2015

Chemo problems and a health update.

Monday I had lab work.  I was emailed the results in a little over an hour.  I didn't think they would give me chemo on Tuesday, the platelet count was not in the normal range.  But they didn't call and cancel me.  They said though low, still in a safe range.

When I checked in Glenda ( Kaiser clerk who is blog worthy ) told me the pharmacy was running an  hour late.  But they would start me on the anti nausea meds, take vitals, and start the saline IV.  That was fine with me.  The anti nausea has to be taken 30 minutes before the chemo, so not an issue.


Two hours and 45 minutes later the chemo meds finally arrived.  The nurses were going crazy.  All the chairs were full, the waiting room had people, they were backed up and nothing the nurses could do.  They would come in my room and see if I wanted to watch TV, did I need something to drink, was I OK.  They kept saying they were so sorry.  I  told them not their fault, but I did want to yell and curse at someone.  I asked if I could curse for them. 

Once I had my two bags of chemo, Marty picked me up and took me to lunch, at 2:30.  I was starving.  And just a little tired.  Who knew sitting for hours could be so tiring.

I haven't had any bad side effects other than being very tired this week.  This week the tiredness didn't ever really get better.  Even today I feel tired.  As I have said chemo is accumulative and this was the last treatment of a three week round.  Next week no chemo, so I will bounce back I am sure.

My appetite is good. Chemo brain is still a problem, I do and say some dumb things.  I am walking nearly every day for 30 minutes.  I cooked most nights this past week, and when I didn't cook I washed up the dishes.  I even changed the sheets all by myself.  So I am doing good.

We are planning a couple of trips this summer.  I was surprised the oncologist OKed them. One of the trips is 2 1/2 months out.  This is huge for me.  I have made few plans over a week out.  I pretty much just try to get through each day and start over the next day.

I plan to talk to the doctor again about to church.  She has let me go to out eat, ride BART, and says I can fly for one of the trips.  It seems strangers are safer than friends.  Strangers don't hug me, touch me, kiss me.  Strangers just are there.  It has been suggested if I go to church that I hang a sign around my neck that says, Do Not Touch. 

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