Friday, August 14, 2015

Chemo, flight, all kinds of stuff

Tuesday morning I took chemo.  All went well, and I felt pretty good.  That night at 9:15 we left for the airport to take a red eye to Louisville.  Now to get from check in to the gate was a mess.

Friend Mark noticed during the day, United did not have Marty and me on their list, even though we were pre checked in.  He straightened that out, we thought and checked our luggage.  Marty was still not on the list.  With a lot of help, he was found and added to the flight.  We walk to security, as a precheck in we get the short line, don't have to take off shoes and stuff, or pull out our computers.  Well, Marty was not on the pre check in list.  So he was sent away to the looong line.  Mark and I breezed through and sat down to wait for Marty.

Since we were done showing ID I was going to put mine back in my wallet.  It was gone!  I had my tickets, I had the need a wheelchair card, no ID.  Mark goes looking for it after I had dumped my purse twice looking for it.  Nope, he couldn't find it.  I was having a sh*t fit.  I see a TSA guy walking around and asked if he had found an ID.  He asked my name, and handed it to me.  He had found it on the floor by the moving belt thingy.  Great relief.

We finally get on the plane, I take my valium and sort of doze after we take off.  All is nice and dark and quiet on the plane.  Then the attendants come down the aisle hawking their wares at 1:30 AM.  Really?  Any way I did fine on both flights and we arrived in Louisville safe and sound, and on time. Thank you Prayer Warriors.

Then we kept a family tradition. 

WHITE CASTLE!!!!!   We met Hank, Ann,  Papa Jack, and Yolanda and ate well. We always go straight from the airport to the Eastern Parkway White Castle.  Then we go to my brother's.
We are having a great visit.  Last night we walked up to a lovely neighborhood restaurant, Buck's.  My family has eaten there for years.  Wonderful place.  We were in the back room so that we wouldn't annoy others. 
Papa Jack and Yolanda ( Mama Yo)
Little Brother and Ann.  Hank just had eye surgery so he is still a little puffy.
Hank, Papa Jack, and Ann
Left to right
Papa Jack, Yolanda, Me, Ann behind me, Hank, Marty, Mark.   And the wonderful food ready for us to eat.  Of course we took this into the sun, so not a great picture.
Today Marty and Mark are off to Mammoth Cave and the Bourbon Trail.  Ann and I have pulled out bowls and plates for tomorrow's party.  We both love to make lists and mark things off.  So I made a list of all food and then we put sticky notes on each plate/bowl to show what would be in/on it. Then we marked it off.  Tomorrow we will mark off as food is put out.  Love marking off what we are doing.  It feels so hard working. 
We are having a great time, and look forward to the rest of our time here.  I will post more through the week.  For my worry wart friends, yes I am resting and listening to my body.  

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