Sunday, August 9, 2015

No chemo this week

Monday I  had lab work.  I always get the results almost before we get home.  I check the platelets because if they are low, no chemo.  The other tests, and there a lot of them, I don't understand or don't think they are a huge factor in whether I take chemo.  Well that afternoon the nurse called me and said no chemo this week.  My white blood cells are too low.  I do know that one.  In the past they have given me shots to improve the white cells and talked about blood transfusions.  So this became an off week.

We are to leave Tuesday for Louisville and I was afraid they would want me to stay home.  Would they change my August schedule? Would I have to do chemo on my planned off week? The trip was planned around my off week and when Mark (our giver of frequent flyer miles) could take vacation with us.  I still get my off week.  Tuesday I will have chemo if all is well, and we take a redeye that night. 

When I asked the nurse if this would mess up our planned vacation, she said, "again a trip?"  ( yes this will be our third trip this summer:  Dallas, San Diego, and now Louisville)  I told her I have a limited time I will be able to travel and I have family and friends to visit. 

The rest of the week I did normal things.  I cooked more than usual and when I didn't cook I did the dishes.  I walked 30  minutes every day.  Wednesday afternoon Erik, our son, came to visit and to help out with domestic duties.  I had broken beans the day before and put them on to cook and fixed a chuck roast in the crock pot.  We all agreed it was a fabulous meal.  Nothing better than fresh green beans cooked low and slow, with just a little bacon grease and other Southern secret ingredients.

Friday I went to brunch with Kirsten and later Pat joined us at my home.  We had a gab fest and caught up on what each was doing. I am so lucky to have these ladies in my life.  

I have lots of friends that check on me, visit me, Facebook me, call me.  Another dear friend, Janet R (so you know it isn't me, they call me Janet A) texts or emails me nearly every day.  Janet R checks what is going on, how am I doing, am I happy, do I need anything.  We ask Janet R to join us, but since she owns a business, she can't get away often.  So we don't see her much. 

Today, Sunday, I went to church.  That is a big deal.  It is a 35-40 minute drive.  I have to be up and dressed earlier than usual.  Meds must be taken early. And there is the emotion of the love I feel from my church family.  When we get in the car to drive home I am pretty well whipped.  But it is worth being tired. 

So normal is good.  I felt good most of the week, not as tired, and very little nausea.  I am not sleeping very well, but I blame the bed hog I live with.  I love Marty so much, but this week he has royally ticked me off.  He is sleeping on a diagonal, that would be with his head on MY PILLOW.  He also stole the prop my arm up pillow.  He took all the covers, and then complained how hot he was during the night. My complaining about him is an indicator I am feeling better.  For some reason when I feel better I feel justified in being ticked at the best caregiver ever.

Keep your fingers crossed that I can take chemo on Tuesday.  I get scared when chemo is put off.  I am afraid the tumor will get ahead of us.  So never ever do I want to miss a session. 

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Nancy Alvey said...

We r really looking forward to seeing u guys so I have everything crossed & we r taking care of our health. Sam & Marty can compare caregiver notes! Love u guys, safe travels!!! Nancy