Monday, August 31, 2015

Health Update

We got back from Louisville on Wednesday, August 19.  I was fine on Thursday, still pumped  up from all the goings on in Louisville.  I crashed on Friday, and slept most of that day and Saturday.  Sunday  I was still very tired, but almost back to my normal level.

Monday I had lab work and also saw a different oncologist.  My oncologist had a family emergency and was off this week.  The new doctor was nice, and explained some things we had never thought to ask.  I have chemo brain and Marty gets overwhelmed sometimes with all we are told. 

The doctor told me when I was diagnosed with cancer the tumor marker ( a blood test that checks the protein the tumor puts out ) was over 1000.  You want low numbers.  He said the one a few weeks ago was only a little over 100.  Very impressive he thought.  Again we were reminded this is only a clue to how I am doing.  He showed us the graph on the tests and it looks like a nose dive from October to August.  Very very happy on this one. 

Tuesday I had chemo.  It went well, no surprises with vitals going crazy.  There has been light nausea, but controlled by meds.  I also have been tired all week and having trouble sleeping.  So am I tired from the chemo, or from not sleeping?  Am I not sleeping because of the chemo?  We will never know.  As I say, I have no endings. 

Sunday was a big day.  The longish drive to church.  The church service, then we had a church lunch to kick off the new year in the educational program.  I was tired.  But we weren't done yet.  Marty had a quick meeting with his committee on the renovations.  I said I would rest in the car.  Well, that didn't work out.

One of our members, another Janet, brings an older member, Annabelle, to church each Sunday.  Janet was in Marty's meeting and her teenage son was keeping Annabelle company.  They were talking about TV, the early years.  I hung out with them and we talked about me seeing jet planes as a child and it being a huge deal.  Annabelle talked about going to the airport just to watch planes taking off or landing.  I said I took my first graders on a field trip to the airport.  It was a big deal.  We discussed other things we old people remember. I told him how big the first cell phones were.  I am sure Janet's son was convinced we were older than God.

Today was lab work again.  Tuesday chemo if the all was OK. 

I have felt pretty good this past week.  As I said I have been tired with some nausea.  But I have been able to cook, and wash dishes.  I have walked my 30 minutes everyday.  I am not terribly active but I am not sitting back and giving up.  Tuesday I will begin my 12th month since the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  I have made it this long because of prayer warriors, wonderful Kaiser care, Marty, Erik, family, church family, and my incredible friends.  I plan to stick around much longer.

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