Sunday, August 2, 2015

More ups than downs in the health report

Some of this is a repeat of little updates, so hang in there.  There is some new stuff.

Monday I had lab work and saw the oncologist.  She says I am doing really well.  She is surprised I am having so few side effects, especially neuropathy.  Most patients on my type of chemo have a big problem.   I posted on Facebook, bragged how well I am doing.  And I  really noted the low side effects.  Well, that came back to bite me.

Monday night and Tuesday morning I had great nausea and intestinal issues. Most of the night I was gagging and nothing happening. (I have a cast iron stomach and rarely vomit.)  Early morning there was vomiting.  Damn bragging always gets you.  I was afraid with the vomiting they wouldn't let me have chemo Tuesday.  They just upped the anti nausea meds and I did fine.  I was so good I went to lunch and then shoe shopping.  I did use a wheelchair this time while shopping.  I sat and Kirsten and Pat found shoes and pushed me around the store.  When I got home I took a three hour nap.

Wednesday Pat and friend Rose Anne came to visit and we went to lunch.  I am becoming a social butterfly.  It is great to be able to go out for "normal" things.  And great to have friends who will take me. 

Wednesday I received an email from my oncologist with the results of the tumor marker blood test they did Tuesday.  This test gives info about the size of the tumor.  The numbers are lower which means the tumor is not spreading.  Marty and I celebrated by opening a bottle of champagne.  And we emptied it. 

Friday I looked at the apartment and thought I can not stand the dust any longer.  I have been called Tidy Tilly and used to clean a lot. (yes I am checking out the housecleaning for chemo patients) I dusted the whole apartment, baseboards, fancy banister, pictures, door tops, art glass.  I was busy.  I looked at the vacuum cleaner and thought nah that is too hard.   Another nap was in order.

Weekends are for resting.  Even the little I do during the week is tiring.  I need to just do nothing some days, so I do.

There is still some nausea, but not bad.  Sometimes I take a pill, sometimes not.  The neuropathy is still manageable.  Mainly tingling in my finger tips.  The feet have been weird for several years, not a lot of feeling, so no change there.  Over all I am doing great. 

In little over a week we fly to Kentucky to see family and friends. As most of you know I hate hate flying.  So keep me in your prayers for calmness and that the valium works.

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