Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Why can't my brain remember?

Chemo brain is real.  I can't remember squat. Sticky notes are my best friend. Words come out of my mouth that just don't make sense.  Or I can't pronounce words correctly.  I can't track more than one thing at a time and reflexes are slow, thus no driving.  But all of the above is not the worse problem.  My hair is the problem.

Well my lack of hair.  I used to have such good hair.  It was curly, thick, and silver.  I never was grey, hell no, Divas do not go grey.  We have silver hair, thank you very much.

When I got up in the morning, I fluffed my hair. When I washed my hair I only had to fluff it.  No need to dry it.  It was curly, a good cut, and easy.  The wind blew, no problem, run my fingers through my hair and all was well.

As you all know, I now don't have a hair on my body.  Well maybe 4 where I should have eyebrows.  I haven't had head hair for months.  My brain can not remember that.  When I take off my hat I reach up to fluff  my hair.  Marty finds that hysterical.  Every morning as I get up I reach to fluff out my flat hair.  In the shower I reach for the shampoo.  Why o why can't my brain remember, NO hair?

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