Thursday, March 5, 2009


I confessed several weeks ago that Marty and I love American Idol. We Tivo it and watch it every night it is on. Sometimes it is hours after it shows when we get home. We watch. Which is three times a week right now. That might be a little much. We even vote for our favorites. Well Marty and I decide and he does the repeat dialing to get in to vote.

This week the final 12 are being picked. Nine have been picked by the public. And tonight they are bringing back 8 singers who the public rejected from the top 36. The four judges will pick three wild cards to make up the final 12. Wow that is a lot of numbers.

Anyway, the American public is enraged by one of the 8 picks. (are you keeping up non fans) Tatiana was selected. She is the drama queen, horrible laugher, bad dresser, whiner, crier; she has only one redeeming feature. As much as everyone dislikes her, she can sing. The blogs on AI are full of outrage toward Tatiana.

The bloggers want to know why Tatiana over Ju'not. He is a total package, sings, likable, personality, can talk and chew gum at the same time. There are a couple of other favorites people wanted back. At least it wasn't Nick/Norman. Non fans just don't even worry about this guy.

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