Sunday, March 15, 2009

Miss Riley

First a little background about my family. This is not to be seen as a downer, just factual. My family does cancer, we have no speciality. We do all kinds, lungs, breasts, skin, lymph glands, stomach, leukemia, liver, we do it all. And both sides of the family. Some times we beat it, sometimes not. But always the victim has been an adult. They have had a life of some sort. And then there was Miss Riley.

I was reminded what a miracle child she is this weekend. Her mother writes the blog Tomorrow is another day. Her March 13 post talks about Miss Riley. It is all about her 8Th birthday. It sounds like a great party and I wish I could have been there.

And Riley, as a fetus it was discovered she had cancer. How can an unborn have cancer? The good news, they found out before she was born. If it hadn't shown up on the sonogram, it wouldn't have been known until symptoms happened. And that would have been too late. Riley had incredible care, Churches around the country prayed for her for months and months, and she is fine.

Riley is the miracle child in our family. We are blessed to have her.

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