Sunday, March 1, 2009


I have decided I just don't understand Facebook. I thought I did. You ask people to be your friend; you take silly quizzes; you send virtual gifts. Some people post about their business if they are trying to network in a business world. You post your status every now and then. You become fans of people, businesses, causes. You comment on friends' Walls. And there are lots more fun and silly things to click on and to write about. Sounds fun, mindless and harmless.

I did most of the things above, except the business (I don't have one). Well the Facebook police , known as FBP from now on, have been active for the last couple of weeks. Articles after articles have been in the San Francisco Chronicle and the Oakland Tribune about Facebook abuse. It looks like I am doing nearly everything wrong.

The FBP don't like collectors of friends, those who have hundreds and have never met them. I am OK there. They don't like people who send gifts, take quizzes, join causes, fans of everything ( I just have a few in that category), post their status more than every couple of days, or make lots of comments ( OK there also). FBP don't want you to brag even a little, write sad things, be perky, share your illness, share any emotions, or just share.

So what is the point if all of the above is wrong? Yes some do give TMI. Some will not stop throwing pillows, or giving gifts. But does anyone really take this seriously? It is a fun silly way to reach out to people you don't see often. I will control my throwing hemorrhoid pillows at family members and close friends. But loosen up Facebook Police.


kts said...

yes yes yes!

Janet Rudolph said...

Doesn't every society eventually end up with a police force? Not surprised there's one on Facebook. Now, shall we hold a protest?