Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wait there was some weird stuff Friday

Yesterday I said the couples were normal. And they were. But we did have a major weird, bad, crazy thing happen. Where they sell the marriage licenses is part of Vital Statistics for the county. They handle death certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and they do other business. They handle passports, fictitious names for a business, they will swear in a Notary Public. And they may do lots more. I don't know. Some of this business is done on the Internet, by mail, and by fax.

Yesterday a lead clerk S. called a mail customer because there was no money included to process a birth certificate. She told the wife they need to send in the money and to have the application notarized. Then the husband took the phone and started yelling at S and accused her of stealing his money order and then started threatening her. He was going to come down to the office and he would take care of her. She wasn't going to get away with stealing his money. He would fix her good. The whole time S. is polite, and saying "Sir, are you threatening me? Are you threatening a government worker? Are you saying you are coming here to hurt me?" And he kept ranting. Now we are hearing S. talking and we are thinking how stupid is this guy? This is a mail order, she has his name, address, and phone number. She finally said, "Sir, we have deputy sheriffs here. If you come down and make a scene or try to hurt someone, they will take you straight to jail. I am going to give your name and phone number to the deputy and have him call you." And she hung up. When I left the higher ups were deciding whether to have the Alameda Sheriff''s department make a house call.

Again the guy was dumber than a red brick. He threatens her and she knows where he lives.

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