Thursday, March 26, 2009

The public is bonkers

The American public is freaking crazy. Last week on American Idol they voted off one of the best singers. And tonight, it was nearly as bad. They announced the bottom three: Michael as I predicted, Scott as I predicted, and Matt. . .wrong oh so wrong. Matt was fabulous on Wednesday. The judges loved him. I don't like him, he looks dirty to me. But the boy can sing, really sing. I give him credit for his talent. We even have voted for him, but I don't like him. If any of that makes sense.

Ryan asked the judges what they thought of the bottom three. And Simon said, Matt and Scott you are there because America doesn't like you. Lots of boos, but that is what it boils down to. Not the best singer usually, but does America like you? But that doesn't explain Adam. He is a rocker, a little edgy, and middle America has to not like him. But he is still there and in the upper part of the vote.

They put the bottom three together and then send back the third highest. We were sure it was Matt, even Michael pointed to Matt. No, it was boring, no personality, mediocre Scott who was safe. He is going to be the Sanjaya of this year. So we have Michael and Matt as the bottom two. Michael went home. Matt is safe to sing next week. I will miss Michael, he always was so happy, kind to the others, and mature. I really hope someone gives him a recording contract. He is good, just not great.

People vote for the ones you like. If you don't vote the teeny boppers have control. And you will have a cute average singer as the winner.

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