Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today I drove up to Davis to visit with my sister in law, Dr. MOM, and the beautiful children.  I know it sounds like bragging, but oh my word, my family makes beautiful babies.  It is a fact, people.  You saw the pictures of just one little branch this week.

Anyway, I drove up today to have lunch with my SIL, Dr. MOM, Annabella, and baby Ava.  My drive up did not start well. My 5 minute drive to the tunnel took over 20 minutes.  HWY 24, HWY 13, and 2 frontage roads were stopped. Not just slow, but stopped. There are three tunnels, depending on the time of day two bores are open one way and only one going the other way.  In the morning two bores are open west, and going east (the way I was going) only one bore is open. Part of the slow traffic is everyone looking at the drilling of the fourth bore. Once I was out of the tunnel I flew to Davis.  NO, I do not drive the speed limit.  I go with the flow.  On I 80, everyone thinks that is the speed limit, not the Interstate number.  You drive slower then 80, you will get run over.

Big sister Annabella was in rare form this morning. She was wound up.  Baby Ava was cranky.  It was not a great beginning.  But things went well.  We went to lunch, Annabella colored, played in the fountain, and did manage to eat a huge amount of calamari.  She is three and eats calamari and satay. They are raising a gourmet.  Ava slept through lunch and allowed the adults to talk. We had a great Thai lunch.  And then home for Bella to take a nap.  SIL Ann and I went to pick up big brother Hall from school.  And then I had to leave the fun and drive back to Rockridge.

Guess what.  The tunnel was backed up going West this time.  A 5 minute drive was 25 minutes this time.  I hope I live to see the fourth bore finished.

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