Monday, November 8, 2010


Our house is on the market.  Yesterday we had an Open House. I've told you about locking everything up before we leave.  Well, yesterday nothing was stolen.  But it was just weird what happened.

First, when we got home the French Doors were not locked. That is a big no no.  Our electric blanket was turned on.  Not just on but cranked up to 7.  We don't set it higher that 3 on either side.  It was no accident, someone was messing with our stuff.  In the guest bedroom they rearranged all the throw pillows, moved a little stool (it is a high bed and short people need it to get in the bed) from under the bed.  They pulled the stool into the walk way.  They also moved the end table and placed the lamp in a different place.

This morning Marty went out to the green house. Beside the green house he has a three shelf steel rack for his cymbidiums.  He had the one with buds placed on the top rack.  Two pots had been taken down and set on the patio. 

I understand opening drawers, cabinets, closets.  You want to see storage.  But rearranging my stuff.  That is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

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