Friday, November 5, 2010

More Weddings

Wednesday was very slow at the Alameda County Building.  Not just for marriage ceremonies, but for all areas of business at the Recorder's Office.  We figured that everyone was in San Francisco for the Giants' parade and celebration.   In case you have been living in the jungle somewhere, they won the World Series.

I did do three ceremonies.  Two were fun and happy and one was just strange.

Let's begin with strange.  If I had seen this couple walking down the street, I would have hung to my side of the sidewalk.  I would not have made eye contact.  They were scary and I am not sure why. He wore an ill fitting black suit, his hair was just a shade too long for a short haircut.  But not long enough for a long hair look.  And his eyes, just wild and staring.  And they babbled about everything. 

I would ask a question and they went on and on.  I asked if they had rings, and this was a little sad.  She said no one would sell them rings.  They had a costume jewelry cocktail ring, that was pretty, for her.  They told me it cost them $17.  For his ring they had a circular key ring that fit his finger.

After the ceremony I was reminding them about agencies to notify of her name change. That would be passport, Department of Motor Vehicles, and Social Security.  And she says,"And Welfare."

My last couple was just fun.  They were in casual clothes.  When they saw the Wedding Room they kept saying they should have dressed up.  She had sunglasses pushed up on her head.  He had sunglasses hanging from the neck of his shirt.  I told them I was going to play Mother and make them take the sunglasses off.  I said they would regret the look when they saw the pictures.  There was lots of laughter throughout the ceremony.  That is a good thing.  They were deeply in love and having a fun wedding. 

After the ceremony the groom threw out his arms and said, "You said you were playing Mother.  My Mom isn't here and I want a big hug from you."  I hugged him and then she wanted a hug too.  Even the witness wanted a hug from me.  A very fun wedding.

I have said the best thing about working with first graders is a child hugging me.  Well, hugs with the bridal couple is just as good. 

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