Saturday, November 6, 2010


Once again Marty and I tested a recipe.  This time it was for a honey mustard Bar B Que sauce on chicken breast.  There are a lot of ingredients and lots of steps.  Consequently lots of pictures.  I narrowed the pictures from 52 to 16.  We used a brine on the chicken first.  Then we made the sauce and grilled the chicken.  This recipe was for Cook's Illustrated.  Remember to click on the pictures to enlarge them.

 Always, first Marty studying the recipe he has taped to the cabinet.
 The ingredients lined up for the sauce.  These are mixed and then added to a simple syrup that was caramelized.
 Trimming the ribs off the chicken, then trimming extra fat, and extra skin.
 Starting the simple syrup.
 Spicy brown mustard.
 Lots of honey.
 Red pepper flakes.  Cider vinegar and fennel (which I really don't like) are also in there.
 Adding the mustard mixture to the simple syrup.
 Finished product.
 The automatic lighter didn't work.  Matches always work.
 We have fire!
 All burners are lit.  Almost ready for the chicken.
 Yes, one lonely chicken breast.  This was huge.  We are pretty sure it was cross bred with a pterodactyl.
 After browning on all sides, the chicken was covered with foil and cooked for 25 minutes.
 Slicing the chicken breast.
The finished product.  Look at the plates.  We have a lot of chicken, and it was one, yes one, chicken breast.  We had the extra Bar B Que sauce, southern green beans, and potato salad.  The sauce was good.  But I am not real fond of fennel.  I think if that were left out it would be a better sauce.  It also is a really sweet sauce.  I think I like my Marlboro Man sauce better.   The chicken was fabulous!  When you use a brine the meat is so moist.  I don't think we will make this again.  Too sweet for us.  Marty liked it better than I did.

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