Monday, November 15, 2010

Who turned on the burglar alarm?

I have mentioned our house is on the market.  It is a pain to be always ready to show the house. And I have been vocal about that.  I also have told you of the things people will do to belongings in a house for sell.  Friday we had something new, our Realtor had never heard of this one.

Friday Marty and I had an early afternoon appointment and then went to the grocery.  When we returned home I started putting up food.  Then I heard it.  The burglar alarm was doing its chime thing before it goes off.  I ran into the foyer and put in the code.  How the hell did the alarm get set?

When the house went on the market we taped paper over the alarm key pad.  That way we could not set the alarm by accident or habit.  You can set the alarm without the code.  There are buttons for away and for stay.  Some one had punched in the stay button.  Someone had been in the house while we were out.  But no Realtor's business card on the table.  The lock box sends our Realtor an email anytime someone gets the key out.  He had not received an email. 

Someone was in the house using a key, or they picked the lock.  This is the second time we thought some one had been in the house.  Nothing was stolen, nothing rearranged.  Why set the alarm?  Are they just messing with us? 

Had someone been in the house, or was it Casper the Friendly Ghost?

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