Saturday, October 8, 2011

Again with the pretend grandchildren

Thursday we drove up to Davis again.  Friday was Grandparent's and Special Friends' Day at Hall's school.  No real grandparents were able to come out, so Marty and I had the privilege of attending. We took Hall to school and then signed in for the morning's events.  There would be a Mass, a reception, time in the classroom, and an assembly.

Now the Mass is always a problem.  We are not Catholic. We don't know when to stand or when to sit down.  And we don't know 90% of the responses.  Also Catholic services last longer than our protestant service.  Marty and I tend to tune out after 45 minutes.  We did OK, and didn't embarrass Hall.

This is Hall reading part of the prayers.  He was very composed.  Several hundred people were in the church.  My knees would have been knocking.  Amazing, he is only 8 years old.

              This is Marty and Hall in the classroom.  They are playing a math game.

Look at that evil grin on Hall's face.  He thinks he has beat Marty at the math game.  Guess who won.  That would be Aunt Janet.

This is the next project we did with Hall, a word search.  This thing was really tough.  It took all three of us to find the words.  They were up, down, frontwards, backwards, and oh hell on a slant.

Word search is finished.  Now he gets to color the picture.  We wore a picture of Hall as our visitor's badge.

I have three wonderful videos of the assembly.  For some reason none will load.  I have tried emailing them to family, that hasn't worked either.  I will have to call 1-800 Erik.  He posts videos on his blog, so surely he will be able to help me.  It may cost me cooking dinner for my son, but he will help Mom.  If we figure it out, I will post them later. 

After all the events, school was out around noon.  We had told Hall he could pick where we would have lunch.  He picked Subway.  He was so funny when we went in.  It was very clear he had been there often.  He went to the soft drink cooler, grabbed his drink.  Then he grabbed chips and got in line to order his sandwich. He knew the people standing behind him would pay. Everyone was ordering by name, the spicy Italian, turkey club.  Not Hall, he ordered the type bread untoasted, cheese, the two meats he wanted,tomatoes, onions, then the condiments he wanted.  He was precise.  The sandwich guy commented on how Hall knew what he wanted.  The sandwich he ordered sounded so good that I ordered it.

Thank you, Hall, for letting us be your grandparents for a day.  We love you very much. 

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