Saturday, October 15, 2011

Young and Old, they want to be married

I have had a shortage of couples at the Marriage Factory.  It seems the mornings are busier and then it tapers off when I work in the afternoons.  My average number of marriage ceremonies is down from 6 couples to 2.5.  Is is something I did? Monday and Wednesday this week, I only did 5 ceremonies.  That is 5 total for two days.  They were quality weddings, no crazies this week.
The first couple forgot their wedding rings.  Of course they were upset about that.  I told them they could do a private ceremony at home and exchange rings. During the wedding ceremony I explained the rings were an outward symbol of their love.  And then I added some more fluff about rings.  They seemed pleased to hear about the rings.

The next couple were both in white.  She wore tight white jeans, a white sequined top, and a white hip length loose sweater.  She had recently had a baby and the pants kept slipping.  They didn't quite pull far enough up.  At one point the groom reached over and yanked the jeans up for her and straightened her top over the small gap.  She thanked him and we began the marriage ceremony.

Then we had the baby couple, they were so young.  You must be 18 to buy a marriage license.  When they brought me the license, I was sure it was a mistake.  How can someone born in September of 1993 be old enough to marry? They were old enough.  They were excited and happy to be there.  No parents, just a friend to witness.  This is a couple I would love to know the back story.  During the marriage ceremony the groom look serious, yet happy.  The bride I can only describe as having a look of grim determination.

The last license showed that the groom had been divorced and then widowed.  The bride had been divorced and then widowed.  He was born in 1941, she in 1940.  Her daughter and grandson were guests and another couple were the witnesses.  Everyone was having a good time.  The bride and groom had known each other for 42 years. They had an air of real friendship as well as love for each other.

I asked if they had their own vows.  They did. They wanted to say a couple of things and then use the traditional vows.  He asked her if she would do his laundry now.  She said,  "No."  He said, "OK, I love you."  She then said," You can shop at Cabela's , if I can play Texas Hold 'em on line and at casinos. I love you."  I asked if they still wanted the traditional vows.  He answered, "No, that will do it."  So I finished the ceremony. 

To celebrate they were going to Fenton's an old Oakland institution.  For non Bay Area people, you have seen Fenton's in the movie Up.  The old man and the little boy sat on the curb in front of Fenton's at the end of the movie.

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