Sunday, October 23, 2011

We want to get married, again

There were several weddings last week.  I plan to post a couple a times about weddings this week.  The one today is a doozy.

The groom was divorced 6 years ago.  He and the bride were married 3 years ago, big wedding with a license.  Then they started adoption procedures. The adoption agency needed a copy of the divorce final decree. Oops, he isn't divorced after all.  The first wife didn't do all her paperwork.  He didn't realize he didn't have a final decree.

Many moons later, one big lawyer bill, and with a final divorce decree, he and his second wife were at the Clerk Recorder's Office to be married.

Now some of you are wondering how do the clerks know to sell a license to someone if they say they have been divorced. The honor system is the rule.  Except if a person has been divorced in the last 6 weeks.  (I think that is the correct time period)  Then the person must show the final decree.

Tomorrow or Tuesday more weddings.

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