Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Wedding Room and a wedding

I post about the Wedding Room all the time.  But I've never posted pictures.  Monday I remembered to take my iPhone upstairs and take a few pictures.  When you step off the elevator this is what you see. Many of the couples have a picture taken by the sign.

We have four pews and lots of standing room.  The Fire Marshall says 29 people can be in the room.  Luckily he doesn't come by very often.  We have had bigger crowds.  With the paneled walls and the pews, it is a very warm room.  People are always surprised by how nice the room is.

The couple stand in front of the lighted arch.  We have silk flowers on the two stands.  For special days, such as Valentine's Day, we have fresh flowers.  The screen behind the arch is a piece of art made of metallic threads.  It is based on the Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern.  Here is a close up of a quilt.

As lovely as this room is, not all appreciate it.  Every now and then we get a couple who just want the legal part of the ceremony.  Some are nice about it and some are just rude.  Last week I had a rude couple.  They walked with boredom and arrogance. The couple told me they were already married, they had done a cultural wedding yesterday.  They just wanted the legal part and a certified copy of the license.  The witness, his mother, wanted more.  Mother also wanted pictures, the couple saw no need for pictures, this wasn't "important".  Hey, if it isn't important and you are already MARRIED, why are you here?  Mother took pictures anyway.

I remained the lovely Southern Belle that I am, and told them I would do the three legal sentences for them.  They didn't even stand in front of the arch, they were where the pews began.  So I did the "Do you take....... Do you take....... and then I pronounced them married. As the witness and I were signing the license the groom was doing push ups off the back of a pew. 

Some couples are nice, fun, touching.  Others are a pain in the rear.

Tomorrow or Saturday I will post about some other weddings.

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