Friday, October 28, 2011

A few memories and then back to reality

Our trip to Palm Springs was for business, but we managed to get some fun and relaxation in.  Because Marty was working, we were limited Sunday and nights for fun. I had no car, so I stayed home and read with an occasional nap thrown in.  We ate a lot of good meals.  We drove around and saw beautiful Southwest architecture.  Below is a little info about  Palm Springs.

Where to stay?  first choice 

Where to eat?  On they list some of their favorite places.  We ate at some of theirs and one we found because it had a parking spot. 
 Giuseppe's  the pizza is great, we had the thin crust. The table next to us had Chicago deep dish and it looked and smelled great.  We also had Calamari maybe the best ever.  Calamari is our test of restaurants.  If they do it right, they can cook.

Hamburger Mary's was a lucky find.  We were hungry and there was a parking spot.  The website won't tell you, it hints, that it is mainly a gay bar and restaurant.  Sunday brunch the Brunchettes, who are Drag Queens,  entertain. This was one of the most fun floor shows ever.

For Marty's birthday dinner, I took him to Lulu. I highly recommend the mushroom soup.

For lunch one day we ate Margarita's.  Yes, we had Margaritas.  It is a strange place, Mexican, sushi, oyster bar, pasta. Marty had oysters and Tacos.  I had an enchilada and a soft taco.  All very good. No pictures here.  This is where my phone died.

Our last night we ate at Trio.  Again we had calamari. Marty had a lamb shank and I had a pork chop.  Very good.  But the star of dinner was the Trio Mac and 5 cheese.  We had a side, but it is offered as an entree also.

       Marty taking a picture of me as I took a picture of him.  We are as bad as teenagers playing on our phones.

Trio had sculptures inside and outside the restaurant.  Very modern and very interesting.

Where to buy food to cook?  There are the usual chain groceries.  We were headed to Ralph's and saw Fresh & Easy.   They are not in Oakland yet.  There are some in the East Bay, so will try to go there when possible.  These stores are so shiny clean and green.  The meat is in serving sizes in clam shell containers.  Most things are packaged that way.  And really good pricing.

Because of the hours Marty was working, we didn't get to any museums.  When we go back that is a must. RichRob has several links to attractions and museums.

Now it's back to reality.  I have washed clothes all morning and this afternoon I will starch and iron shirts and blouses.  I have given the bathroom a lick and a promise.  And I have food to get ready for supper tonight.  Life is back to normal.

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