Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Time to go home

Marty and I have been on a business trip to Palm Springs, California.  Business trip for him, lay on the couch and read for me.  First off I must say I am sorry to all desert lovers I am about to insult.

What is wrong with you people????   We were told how pleasant and cool it was when we arrived. The weather lady talked about the big cool down.  The restaurant people said what a pleasant evening it was.  No, it was hot.  It was 94 when we got here Saturday afternoon, at midnight it had dropped to 87.  Hot, not pleasant.  People that don't know me personally, I live in the Oakland Hills, we often have fog, we think it is hot if it reaches 75.  So you can see our problem with the heat.Two nights it did cool down to the 70s.  We turned off the AC and slept with the windows open, still not sleep under a down comforter weather as we are used to.  Of course AC was back on by 10:30 A.M.

Today is our last day here.  Marty did some business this week.  I read a fabulous book that I can't talk about until February ( I'll explain that another time). We have eaten well, been entertained, cooked some good meals, and once again I killed a phone.

Sunday we wandered into a hamburger joint.  They have a floor show on Sundays.  Drag queens performing to songs.  This show was so fun, so entertaining. and it was just luck we were there.  Oh and the burgers were great too.

Miss Vicious was one of the best performers.  Every number she had a different costume. Her headdress cleared the ceiling fans by less than an inch.

 I don't remember her name, but she was fabulous.  All of the entertainers were fun.  I think there were four, and three of the four had multiple costumes.

For Marty's birthday we ate at Lulu.  For Bay Area readers, no connection to the one in San Francisco.

It is a beautiful restaurant.   The food was at great as the look of the restaurant.  Service was perfection.

Now to where we are staying.  Marty met a guy at one of the many Billiard events he goes to.  Rob and his partner own several rental condos in Palm Springs.  We rented one of the condos and have had a lovely home away from home.  If you are ever coming to Palm Springs you should stay in one of their condos.  All kinds of prices, all kinds of sizes.  All are beautiful.  Check out their website here.

This is the view from our balcony.

 A full kitchen, two sets of dishes, spices, appliances, wine glasses, pots and pans, dishwasher, pantry, and a washer and dryer. We brought some food and bought food.  We ate in breakfasts, some lunches, and a couple of dinners.

Living room and dining room combo. The couch works well for naps.

Our balcony.  We had breakfast on it one morning.  Before it became so crazy hot.
They provide a computer, wireless, printer, long distance calling.  Nearly everything you can think of, they have at the ready.  Rob even asked if we had requests for things in the condo.  Very helpful landlords.

The guest room, a queen size bed.  There is a flat screen TV on the wall, huge closet, clock radio, and a full bath.

Master bedroom, a king size bed.  A flat screen TV, clock radio, huge closet, a Juliet balcony, a huge bathroom.   There are two sinks, lots of cabinets and drawers for storage, and a wonderful wonderful shower.  The shower is big with a bench.  The shower head beats down at just the perfect pressure.

If you like the dessert heat, good restaurants, shopping, museums, theater, Palm Springs is the place for you.  If you need a great place to stay check out the above link to Rob's and Rich's website. 

I know some of you are going, what did she do to her phone this time??  I did nothing.  I was having trouble with things loading as was Marty.  He stopped in the AT&T store to get help.  They had him reboot (hold down the top button and the front button at the same time, wait a minute then do it again).  Presto Bingo it comes on and everything loads.

Well, when we did mine it didn't come back on.  We had to find an Apple store, which was three towns East.  We go in and it is packed.  A clerk told us it would be over an hour, if they could even work us in, plus their computer system was down and they might not be able to help us.  We got in line and I told them my problem.  We are traveling, this was my Mother's Day present, we can't come back, it has to be fixed now.  All this said with a tear in my eye and a Corbin Southern Accent.  The head guy grabs someone from the genius bar and tells him to help me now.  I hug the first guy and go off with the second guy.

Second guy can't get any reading from the phone, it is dead.  No sign of life from the battery.  He has never seen that on a fairly new phone.  When you reboot they always come back.  Not mine.  He walks over to a shelf, pulls out a new phone, says sign here, inputs info for Apple, and tells me to go home and sync. I hugged him too.

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