Saturday, November 26, 2011

More Weddings

Earlier this week I posted about some weddings.  Monday was a fairly busy day.  I did seven ceremonies.  Wednesday I did nine weddings.  I am going to give you some of the highlights of the week.

One couple was so sweet, they just oozed love.  I started asking what they wanted in the ceremony.  They told me they just wanted to say I do.  I could do all the rest.

We had the dreaded thin white dress problem.  The bride wore a Grecian style knee length dress.  She had on gorgeous jeweled sandals, had to be four inch heels.  And she had on underpants that had a blue Grecian Key design.  Really didn't need to see that.

One bride surprised me.  She was Indian and stunning.  Her look and carriage screamed sophistication. She was wearing an elegant black coat.  The coat was open and I could see her dress.  It was a sheath of black lace over a nude lining.  Beautiful.  She took the coat off.  The dress was one armed and the bare arm had a full sleeve tattoo.   Wasn't expecting that.

A couple in their forties were very emotional.  His two daughters were the witnesses.  The bride was crying before we got to the wedding room.  During the vows she started giggling. Then she moved on to full blown laughter.  By then we all were laughing.  After the ceremony she was back to crying.  She said they had talked at home on how she would react emotionally.  And she cried and laughed just like she said she would.   They were really a nice couple.  Very appreciative of me and of the staff.  As they left they thanked us again for "joining them together as a family."

The weddings were dress up affairs and jeans.  We had large groups and a couple who had to find a witness in the lobby.  Lots of love at each wedding.  But one wedding really stood out.

The couple was around twenty.  His mother was the witness.  I started asking my questions and the bride said, " I just want him to be my husband.  What ever you want to do is fine."  I was getting such good vibes off the two of them, I picked out the fluffiest sweetest ceremony I have.  Mama was snapping away taking pictures.  I began.  This couple just looked at each other and held hands.  It is hard to describe how tender the looks between them were.  I had goose bumps from the feel of love in the room.  I also had tears in my eyes.  This was how love should be.  After the ceremony I hugged them and told them how they had touched me. 

After doing thousands of weddings over 6 years, this reminded me why I volunteer at the Marriage Factory.  It is all about the love.

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