Friday, November 4, 2011

Tuesday no school Wednesday weddings, no

I would have loved to worked with the first graders this week.  I would have loved to gone in Wednesday and performed wedding ceremonies.  Things just went against me.

I had a jury summons for Tuesday.  I was to call Monday after 5:00 to see if a jury pool was needed.  I called I wasn't needed for the morning roll call, call back at 11:00 Tuesday. I will find out then if I am needed in the afternoon.   OK if they say I am needed for the 1:00 roll call, I have to be at the court house by 12:30 to get through security.  Marty has to know to come take me by 11:30 so he can be home on time.  If I had gone to school, I would have had to leave early morning in order to make the calls and to get my big girl clothes on for court.  So I stayed home.  I called at 11:00 no answer.  I called three times, it just rang and rang.  Great.  I went on line to the website to check, the link didn't work.  I googled the proper courthouse, and I didn't have to report.  I am good for a year and a day. 

They will summon me next year, I have been summoned 11 times out of the last 12 years.

Wednesday I planned to go in to do weddings.  Then Marty and I started hearing reports about the many marches the Occupiers had planned. They were going to shut down business and march on governemnt buildings.   To get to the county building we had the choice to go by one camp, or go close to where the main marches were to start.  One of the clerks told me they were not expecting people to come downtown for business on Wednesday.  Another friend knew people who were marching and she had heard scary things.  So we decided to take the safe plan, Janet stays home.

I am glad I stayed home.  Our most often traveled route home went by a Whole Foods the idiots vandalized.  Roads were blocked and it was not nice.

I hope next week will be a little calmer and back to normal.

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