Saturday, November 12, 2011

Weddings high tech, immigration, too young

As regular readers know, I hate doing immigration weddings.  They never say they are, but we can tell.  They are always in a hurry, and some act as if they just met on the corner.  I had an immigration wedding this week, and it was great.

The couple is French Canadian, lovely accents.  She is here on a work visa ( she works at UC Berkeley) and he is on a tourist visa.  They own a house, own two cars, and have two adorable children.  When they go back to Canada he has to really jump through hoops to get back into the USA.  Tourist are supposed to go home after a couple of months.  They have been together 13 years and decided to marry so immigration will quit hassling him.  Isn't it amazing we won't let Canadians live with a partner, yet we let all kinds of kooks from terrorist land waltz in.

One couple took pictures in a very high tech way.  The witness had her iPhone out to take pictures and then remembered she had her ipad with her.  She used that to take the pictures.  I am so far behind, I didn't even know ipads had a camera.  The pictures turned out beautifully.

Just to show what a great product Apple turns out, one wedding used an iPhone to take pictures.  They turned out great also.  Oh I forgot to tell you the screen was broken, big crazed cracks in it.  But it worked.

As I remind you every week, love comes to all ages.  Love comes to couples I don't think should be marrying ( 7 weddings already between them and they are in their 30's).  Love hits all kinds of people, but when really young couples come to marry the clerks and I get upset.  We are so much older and we know how hard marriage can be.  We know going to school and running a home is really hard.  We are worried for them.

A couple came in, he was 20 she was 18.  The clerk  told me she wanted to refuse to sell them a license (we don't have that option, if a legal age, we sell it to them).  She wanted to scream at them, "Do your parents know you are here?"  She controlled herself and did her job.  Now it was my problem.

The bride was so nervous and shaky, he seemed calm.  I asked it they were ready.  I told them we had all the time in the world, we don't start until they feel comfortable.  They say they are ready.  I did not feel comfortable that the bride really wanted to get married.  I felt she loved him, just she seemed unsure.  I stalled and then had to go for it.  I did our longest fluffiest ceremony.  If she wanted to back out, I wanted to give her time.  She didn't back out, and I pronounced them married.  I thought she would calm down them, nope.  She was as shaky when she left as when she came in.  I am thinking family doesn't know they were marrying and she is afraid to tell them.  One clerk thought maybe she was marrying because she is pregnant and scared.

As I say, I have no endings.

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vallerose said...

I didn't know ipads had cameras either.
this was not a usual immigration wedding as they had been together so long. It's also weird about hassling Canadians.