Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Three sentences and you're married

Monday I was fairly busy doing marriage ceremonies.  Some made me feel good, one was just sad, so very sad.

The couple and her mother were the total wedding party.  When I asked if they had rings the bride answered shortly, with a big NO.  Do you have your own vows and she said, "We don't want any vows.  We just want you to sign the license so we can leave."  OK, can't do that.  I told them they had to go through the 3 legal sentences.  All through this the groom is sitting on a pew with his head in his hands.  He looked like he was going to cry.  I then asked if the mother was going to take pictures, bride again with a no.  They don't want pictures.  The mother then looked like she was going to cry.

I sat down beside the groom and asked him what he wanted for his wedding.  He tried to talk, but was over ridden by the bride. I talked the bride into letting her mother take pictures,  I told her she could always delete them, but Mother wanted pictures. 

I then did the do you . . .   do you . . .  and I now pronounce you . . .  Who knows why the bride has so much anger and why the groom is so whipped and so sad.  I may have no endings, but this one sure looks like failure in the making.

The next couple made up for all the sadness of the above wedding.  The bride is adorable.  She wore a short black strapless chiffon dress.  It had a tight bodice, a mocha sash, and a full skirt.  She wore black 4 in heels.  The guests were so fun.  There were three young men who were having the best time.  They were snapping pictures a mile a minute.  Teasing the bride, laughing, lots of love for the couple going on.  There is a point during the ceremony where the bride's bouquet ( she carried one of our silk flowers bouquets) is in the way.  I designated one of the young men to take the flowers at that point as the flower "boy".  He was thrilled and played his part.  He took the bouquet at the proper time and held it like a bridesmaid through out the ceremony.  He reluctantly gave the flowers back to the bride for pictures.  So much laughter and love in the room.

Later this week more weddings, some from Monday and hopefully some from today.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

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