Thursday, December 13, 2012

12/12/12 WEDDINGS

Yesterday I returned to the Marriage Factory after being gone for 4 months.  It was a wonderful reunion.  My first welcome  welcome backs were from the Alameda County Deputy and a janitor.  Then the clerks saw me and the shouting and hugging began.  I was so happy to be home.

It was 12/12/12 we had 42 appointments for ceremonies and we were taking walk ins.  Huge busy day for two all day volunteers and three part time volunteers.  We had three decorated rooms to use. We all were run off our feet.  From 8:45 to 4:30 we performed 75 weddings.  I did, I think 23 of them.  I could have done more, but I took breaks.  Joe our guest blogger did 35 ceremonies.  I don't think he ever sat down.  At one point someone asked me how many weddings I had done.  I told them around 9.  Marriage Desk Clerk D told me I had done 20.  Things sort of ran together.

We had long satin dresses, chiffon with hot pants under them, men in tuxes, and tee shirts and jeans.  Little girls in long chiffon dresses and sparkly shoes won everyones' hearts. We also had Christian Louboutin shoes, the red sole shoes. 

My very best moment:  As I pronounced the couple husband and wife, the official time was

12/12/12 at 12:12

I wasn't sure I could pull that one off.  Luckily the bride was a laugher (which is so much more fun than the criers) and we had to stop a couple of time to let her settle down and the timing went like everyone wanted. 

As I told Joe, I am back the crazy has begun. I had a witness with a cute guide dog in training. The printer jammed.  We had to do reprints.  One of our "wedding rooms" was a conference room.  It was decorated and really prettier than the real wedding room.  I went in for one wedding and there was a huge problem.  On the decorated wall a power point presentation was displayed.  I found the computer and started trying to shut it down.  Then I thought, no I am not an employee I shouldn't mess with a county computer.  But hey they should have shut it down.  I found someone to turn it all off, a switch on the wall.  This took time and put me off schedule. 

The worse thing that happened.  At the end of the ceremony the groom turned his phone back on.  He had a message from ADT that his house was being robbed.  He ran out and the witness and the bride waited for paper work and then took off on the run.  Now that is one I really have no ending.

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