Friday, December 28, 2012


We are still getting our apartment ready for us to live there.  We have cleaned, brought boxes and things that will fit in the car and put things up.  We have been working hard.  But Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we took off from the work and enjoyed the holiday.

For 30 +years we have gone into San Francisco on Christmas Eve to look at the Christmas decorations.  We walk through stores and hotels, and we gawk just like the tourists.  We stop to eat, walk some more, stop for drinks, walk, and then have supper. Lots of walking.   Sometimes we ride BART in and sometimes we drive in.  BART is the smart way.

When we got off BART, we walked through Bloomingdale's to get up to the street level. Very blingy.

Marty taking a picture of
                      decorated cable cars waiting to loads tourists for the ride of their lives.

Children looking at the windows at Macy's.   The SPCA had kittens in with the decorations.

                                                     The Christmas tree at Union Square.

This is a gingerbread/pastry masterpiece at the St. Francis Hotel.  I could have taken a picture showing the top, but the little boy wouldn't be in it.  He would look at his mother, then me, than point out the train, or something on the castle.  He was Christmas.

                                                               The top of the castle.

Bright shiny things at Gump's.
A girl can wish.
The family we are staying with told Santa we were at their house.  Santa brought treats and goodies for Marty and me.  Oh and of course there were goodies for our hosts. We had a lovely Christmas brunch with them and their friends. 
That evening we met our son Erik and his wife Jennifer at Skate's on the Bay and had Christmas Dinner. 
We had a wonderful Christmas.  Now to get moved in and begin 2013.

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