Monday, December 31, 2012

And we are still moving

Yesterday Marty loaded the truck by himself.  Host Pat and I helped unload.  I ignored the doctor's rule not to lift anything heavier than a feather.  Pat worked like a trooper too.  She will not need to go to her exercise class all week.  Well, as much as she carried up the stairs, she might not be able to go to exercise class. 

We were all pretty well worn out by mid afternoon.  But much more to do.  The stupid boxes do not unpack without help. 

Today Landlord Joe will be at the apartment with his guy.  The leaky sink is to be fixed.  The closet rod is to be secured, a few other things will be tended to.  Also Joe has to be there while the satellite Internet man hooks up the dish.  We are living in a registered historical house and satellite dishes can't go just anywhere.

More reports later this week.

Happy New Year.

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