Sunday, December 30, 2012

Still Moving In

Warning: Blogger said spellcheck is not working today.  You all know I have spelling issues. Hope I guessed right.

We began cleaning and bringing small things to the apartment before Christmas.  Yesterday we hired the big truck, hired 2 day laborers, and had the landlord's broken refrigerator taken out and took my big honking one in.

Joe has a guy who does repairs/odd jobs.  We paid him to move our refrigerator out of the storage unit.  He and his son arrived with their truck and hilarity ensued. They try and try, and can't get it out of the unit.  They basically said it couldn't be done.  I told them it had gone in there, so it had to come out.  They finally get it into the hall and can't make the turn to the outside door.  Marty shows them another exit from the building.  At that point I left to be at home when they arrive.  It got worse.

They can't get the old refrigerator down the steps.  The build up of ice in the broken freezer is now melted and pouring all over the floors. At this point they call another guy to help them. They consult and decisions are made. They decided to go out the back steps, but first the back door and the screen door have to be taken off.  They didn't have to take the threshold strip off, it ripped right up when the refrigerator went over it.  Now to bring my huge beauty in.

They couldn't get it in the door of course.  They took the French doors off, took the freezer drawer out, and took out all the other drawers and the shelves.  I was afraid if they ever got it in the kitchen, they would never get it back together. Three and a half hours from beginning to end I finally have my refrigerator in the kitchen, back together, and it was running. Now we have to get the icemaker water line run.  That should be just as much fun.

While the refrigerator fun is going on, my team of movers are loading the kitchen with boxes.  They also are filling the apartment with furniture and lots and lots of boxes.  At one point I was walled in by boxes.  Our friend walked in with another box, grinned like an evil child, and left me.

The kitchen is coming together.  The bed is put together.  The living room looks like a real room.  There is still work to be done. Marty will make the last run with the truck this morning.  We know for the next couple of months we will rework how things are stored.  But we have a new place to live.  And it already feels like home.

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kts said...

So glad it all worked and such a big POOR BABY for the fridge and woe and so hopeful for a calm New Year in your sweet new space