Friday, December 21, 2012

Today is the day

Today Marty and I will pick up the keys to our new apartment.  They are letting us have them almost a week early.  We can measure, figure what furniture will fit where, put down shelf paper, and clean to my standards.  After Christmas we will start moving in.  I am excited and also really dreading all the work ahead.  Moving out was hell in August.  We were so tired.  Now we are reversing all we did then.  Better stock up on the Two Buck Chuck,

We have rented an apartment in a Victorian in San Leandro, CA. San Leandro is about 10 miles from where we used to live.  It has two BART stations and is between two Interstate Highways.  The town is charming and has added several good restaurants in the last few years.  They also have one of the best hamburger places ever.  There are good ethnic groceries, we will not starve.

We have the top floor.  The door on the left is ours.  We said no more steps but could not pass up this beauty.  The lit room will be our office/den.  To the right is the living room.
This is our bedroom which is on the side of the house.  Crown molding, picture railings, and molding around the windows.  There is a large closet.

The living room has a fireplace that has a gas stove insert.  The tile work is really pretty and interesting.  There are several patterns here.

The living room.  Nearly every room has a Hunter's Fan.  Again gorgeous molding around the room.

This is the banister above the stairwell.  This design goes down the stairs also. 

The kitchen has lots of cabinets for an apartment.  The door on the right goes to a covered back porch and the back steps.  We have a good sized pantry, room for the kitchen table, and room for some storage chests.  There is also a new gas stove.  I can make this work.

We have a big linen closet and another closet in the den.  For an apartment there is a lot of storage. 

We are anxious to get moved in and start the next stage of our life. I will post updates.  There may be whining too.  Stay tuned.

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