Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The Fancy Food Show was one of my goals after the hospital drama in September.  I had to get healthy to be able to walk for hours for two days.  There are literally miles of booths.   Marty and I love this show:  the new foods, the tastings, the samples, the beauty/fun of the displays..  If you want to read past blogs on the show, go to the archives and look at January.  I have narrowed down the  first day pictures from 80 to 15.  That was hard to do.  I want you all to see all the good stuff.  Oh well.

I want the gallon jug of Bloody Mary mix on the right.  It was tasty.
A new product, Bacon Hot Sauce.  You can really taste the bacon.  They gave me a regular size bottle, not just a sample.  
Marty tasting cheese, and then telling me how good it is.  I was so good and rarely tasted the cheese.
I was not good any time they were putting out PIG,  This is le jambon (French aged salt cured ham).  He is slicing it paper thin. Delicious.
This is what I mostly ate beautiful veggies and low fat/sodium dressings.
I loved loved this booth.  Duck liver pate and duck liver rillettes.  Forget that low fat stuff.  This was heaven.  And they gave generous samples, and more than one. 
Love the meat part of the show. 
Half a wheel of cheese.  Some vendors were serving pasta dishes in the carved out wheel.  Again, Marty said it was really good.
One of many vanilla vendors.  Their booths smell wonderful.
Did I mention the cheese?
The perfect vendor, pig and cheese.
Booth after booth with great cured meats. 
More wonderful ham, this time I think it was from Italy.
These gentlemen hammed it up for the picture as I ate their great ham.
Chef Russell Jackson cooking wonderful New Zealand lamb.  It was soooo good.  Yes, he looks familiar, you have seen him on TV.  He was a finalist on Next Food Network Star, and has been on Iron Chef.  He was a chef in San Francisco, then moved on to New York City.  I think he might be back in San Francisco now.  He was fun and interesting to talk to.  Chef Russell has goals for his style of cooking and on marketing himself. 
Marty and I were really tired after walking 6-7 hours. We sat down a couple of times by electric plugs to charge our phones.  A lovely day. 
Stayed tuned for part 2.

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