Sunday, January 26, 2014

Two Months later, Japanese Gardens

Thanksgiving Week we went to the Hayward Japanese Gardens.  I wrote a blog about our trip, read it here.  We were blown away with the beauty of the gardens and promised ourselves that we would return every couple of month to see the seasonal changes.  In November we had bright fall leaves.  Yesterday we returned and the leaves were brown or had fallen.  Also with the crazy hot weather we have had, spring has sprung.  Trees and bushes have started to bloom.  They are about a month early.

At the Koi pond turtles were sunning on rocks and the pagoda. 
The waterfall and more turtles swimming and sunning.  Notice the brown leaves toward top right.  In November these were red.
The Koi swimming from shade into the sun.  The smallest are at least a foot long.  I was terrified I would drop my phone in the pond as I hung over the railing to take pictures.  I didn't.
Little vinca were peeping through the grasses.
This reflection just blows me away.  Gorgeous.
More turtles.
Camellias starting to bloom.

More camellias.  Both of these groups of bushes were too far off the path to get close ups.
Marty enjoying our walk through the gardens.
An apple tree blooming weeks too early.

The beauty and serenity of the gardens are awesome.   It is a lovely place to spend an hour or two.  We plan to return in a couple of months and see what is blooming then. 

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