Wednesday, January 15, 2014

As promised, Star Wars

Monday was not very busy at the Marriage Factory.  I did several weddings, most of them very ordinary.  But one wedding really stands out.

Two brides had been friends for 30 years.  They wanted back to back ceremonies with mutual friends there for both weddings.  No problem.  I took both couples, their friends, and their families up to the Wedding Room.  The first couple wanted a very traditional ceremony.  After they were married I asked the second couple if they wanted the same ceremony or a different one.

The bride asked if I had anything not so traditional, something fun.  I flippantly said there is a Star Wars ceremony.  The room went crazy.  That was what they wanted.

I wasn't sure I was allowed to do the ceremony.  It contains the legal points.  But the county had had some weird ones wanting the  ceremony, and I think the press even made fun the ceremony.  I asked and was given permission to use the Star Wars ceremony.  I also was told to try not to offer it again.

So I began.    We are here in a galaxy far far away to form an alliance   . . .   remember to stay away from the dark side   . . .   I then asked permission from the Jedi  Knight and the Princess to marry them   . . .   the force of love is strong in you   . . .   the force will be with you always.  The ceremony ended with my power to marry them coming from the Alliance of Planets and the state of California, Planet Earth. 

The laughter and the fun of this ceremony was great.  The couple was serious during the vows, but laughed through the Stars Wars points.  They were really happy with the ceremony.  And I had just as much fun as everyone else. 

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