Thursday, January 30, 2014

Everyone here, Lost Grooms, Rude guests

Place: Marriage Factory lobby
Question:  Is everyone here?
Answer: Yes

Place: Elevator
Question:  What floor are we going to? I need to let my friend know where to join us.
Answer (in my head):  You dumb $#*+, what part of everyone did you not understand?

The above turned out OK.  We went back downstairs and they apologized.  One of the brides said that was their rehearsal, a practice run.  The marriage ceremony was fun and the brides were sweet and so in love.

I called for the next couple, no answer.  I called for them in both lobbies, couldn't find them.  Later a clerk located them sitting in a room off the lobby.  Where they were it was impossible to hear me. These two men were probably the most stressed out couple I have married.  They could not believe it was really happening.  They were finally being allowed to marry.  They told me it just didn't seem real that they were finally recognized as equal to the rest of the human race.  They were in tears and so appreciative of how kind everyone had been. 

First off I am not a bigot, nor am I racist.  But this next group was of a cultural group that looks down on women and is very controlling of women. That means since I am a woman any directions/rules I gave for the ceremony did not count.

Now to the stinkers.  This time the guests were soooo rude and would not back off.  I started the ceremony and it became all about the pictures.  I give them time before and after the ceremony for posed shots.  During the ceremony you would think the picture taking would be candid.  Not this group, and one person stands out for king of rudeness, aka KOR.

He talked over me telling a woman to fix the bride's hair. And a woman walked up and started fussing with the hair.  Then KOR kept telling the couple how to turn.  I told him no talking and nothing but candid shots.  Did not faze him, he kept talking and getting in front of me.  During the ring ceremony the groom dropped to his knees to slide the ring on his bride's finger.  How sweet.   KOR walks up to the groom, yelling instructions, stopped him, and started to pose him.  All the while I am yelling as if at a 2 years old, "NO! NO! candid only, be quiet."  The groom dropped back to his knees but the moment was shattered.  Again KOR tells them how to pose.  Again I am yelling at a 2 year old, no talking.  It was all I could do not to back hand KOR. 

I can't end on such a sour note.  My last wedding was so fun and so sweet.  He was born in 1944 she was born in 1957.  Her mother had made a lei of orchids for her and an orchid boutonniere for him. This was an older couple who were like a couple of giggly teenagers.  They laughed and smiled, they oozed love.  Her mother welcomed him to the family and laughed saying, "Now you aren't just the gardener."   He looked at me and said, "Long story and it isn't what you think."  They all laughed and wouldn't explain.  All I could think of was Desperate Housewives.

Again dammit, I have no endings.

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