Thursday, January 23, 2014


Monday we walked through the second hall of the show.  This time there was less meat, cheese,  and more sweets and treats.  There were cakes, cookies, pies, candy, flavored popcorn, and lots of different chips.  In other words, little I could sample.  There were things I could taste, and ingenious displays were enjoyable. Also remember not just foods are in the show.  There are products to bag it, tag it, count it, order it, cook it, etc.  Very high tech stuff for waiters and chefs., which wasn't really fun, so not many pictures were taken of it. 

Being a Southern girl, Bar B Q sauce draws me in every time. 
Another display of vanilla beans.  Each bowl had a single bean highlighted.
I so want this coffee pot, and I don't even drink coffee.
This one would make me happy too.  I heard a man telling the vendor he thought it would work if vodka was placed in the top vessel and fruit in the  next one.  And I thought, oh my he is a genius.
Hodgson Mill, one of the best for flours and meals.  Loved their play on Kentucky Colonel.
They have micro greens and flowers which are either fresh or crystals.
This booth was beautiful.
Suggestions for use of their flowers.  They had herbs and micro greens, but the flowers screamed at me, put us in the blog.
These glasses have little headlights on them. They are good for around 100 hours and run off a watch battery.  I thought they were a little strange and posted this picture on Facebook.  What chef has to work in the dark?  A chef friend posted a picture of her daughter, also a chef, with a small flashlight taped to her glasses during a power failure.  So then I thought, OK maybe they do have a real use. 

The two pictures above are posted for friend Kirsten and her family.  At Christmas they make gingerbread houses.  I thought these would spur them on to more complex structures.
Now to my world, veggies and lite dressings.  No gingerbread tasting for me.
We are always looking for no salt seasonings.

Back to Marty's world.  Chocolate pecan pie sold in a jar.  He said it was delicious.  I think you just have to add a pie crust.  Of course for us a little Bourbon would be added too.

At a show like this, you have to just not think about how many people touched or double dipped the food.  One vendor had some great signs by his food.  Humor always helps.

I thought these were fun.  The sauces were pretty good too. 
Samples we picked up over two days.  We have coffee, vanilla beans, pizza cutter, popcorn, candy, coasters, applesauce, knife sharpener, nuts, chips, olive oil, and much more.  Most of this I can't eat, but some such as olive oil I can use.  Just the samples are well worth the price of attending. 



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