Sunday, March 9, 2014

Did I pronounce your name right?

The scariest thing about doing weddings is pronouncing names.  We have couples from all over the world.  And if they are American their heritage gives them difficult names to pronounce.  There is always one couple I struggle with a name.  Monday, eight couples, maybe 2 names I had confidence in saying.  We had Hispanic, Portuguese, Chinese, Israelite, and Vietnamese couples.  A true United Nations of weddings.  Before I went out for the couple several of the clerks and I would decide how to pronounce the names.  Sometimes we were right, sometimes not.

My first couple had a confidential license.  The bride was mortified to be marrying in the county building.  Plus she was embarrassed by what she was wearing, just regular clothes.  She looked cute, not dressed up but cute.  Bad me thought if embarrassed why marry today, you have 90 days to find someone to marry you in a "pretty" place.  Also you knew you getting married today, why didn't you dress up?  But sweet me told her how nice she looked and it is all about the love not the outfit.

I am sure the Yemen wedding was arranged. Neither the bride nor the groom were thrilled to be there.  The fathers were doing all the talking and answering questions.  You know me, I ignored them and kept talking to the poor couple.

One groom's father was the only witness.  The groom gave him a cell phone to take pictures.  The poor man had never taken pictures before and none were in focus.  So we restaged the ceremony and I took pictures.  Yes cell phones have great cameras now, but people let the non tech person practice before the wedding.

Only one bride stands out in the fashion department.  It was a cool day for us.  The bride wore an elegant light gray coat.  There was no collar, cuffs, or buttons showing.  It was very straight and hung to just above her knees.  Her dress was really interesting  From a distance it looked as if it were threads spaced horizontally 1/2 inch apart.  That was an illusion.  There were different sizes threads in the design in varying cream shades.  The dress was lined from the bust to the knees.  Again a very elegant look.

Except for the arranged marriage there was love in the room.  Hugs, kisses, just standing and holding each other after they were pronounced married.  Lots of happiness.  May it continue. 

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