Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Skills

Tuesday was my day at Kaiser School.  Usually I work with the children, read a story, and go home.  Ms. H asked me to learn a new skill in order to help the children. 

Backstory: Several weeks ago the librarian retired, moved, got a better job, I don't know what.  But she told the children good bye and said next week a new librarian would be there.  Well, Oakland Schools' bigwigs are dragging their feet and haven't hired a replacement.  So a few library volunteers are trying to keep things going.  But they are not there every day.  Children have books that may or may not be checked out or back in.  Their regular library period is not happening. 

A volunteer happened to be there Tuesday, her work schedule had changed.  I was to learn how to check the books in, and then how to check the books out.  I would go down before the children come to the library and check in the books.  Then when they came to the library I would check their books out.

Of course there is a computer involved, password, user name, notebooks with bar codes for each child, and a scanner.  I also know where they hide the scanner when not in use.  I am trusted. 

My scanner.  I practiced checking in books.  There was a huge pile of books stacked up that teachers had returned and no one was there to check them in.  Then I checked out some of them and then checked them back in.  Lots and lots of practice.  I hope I am ready for Tuesday.
Some of the books I checked in.  I don't have to shelf them, thank goodness.  Just put them on a cart for the library volunteers.
With this new skill maybe I can get a job at Costco.  I was pretty fast with the scanner.

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