Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stuffy Day

Stuffy is a new word to me.  Although any first grader can tell you what it means.  Stuffed animals have been renamed stuffies. From what little research I have done, it looks as if a brand of stuffed animals is Stuffy and it has become a generic word like Kleenex.

Tuesday the Kaiser first graders brought their favorite stuffies.  Most of the day's work used stuffies: creative writing, handwriting, scientific observation, math.

Above you see the IKEA  measures.  One side was inches and the other centimeters.  Tuesday we used centimeters.

 This table measured ears, paws, torsos, and around the toy from head to toe.  The  biggest problem at all tables was holding the measure at the starting point and using the other hand to go around the toy. 

 They had to measure 5 areas, write what was measured and what was the measurement.

After measuring the different parts of the stuffy, they had to write three observations. Such as the ear is bigger than the eye.  The head is bigger than the tail.

Later they had to finish sentences about their stuffy.   My stuffy's  name is                    .   My stuffy eats________________.   My stuffy can _______________.  My stuffy like to __________.
This fierce leopard likes to purr, and it eats candy.  The bear is so well loved, his fur is rubbed smooth.  The bear likes to play tricks.
Some stuffies looked brand new.  Maybe they were a Christmas present, or just a recent gift from a shopping trip.  Others, like the bear in the previous picture and this leopard, have been with their child a long time.  Our little leopard eats deer.  I think it must be the best hunter in the room.  Little leopard no longer has eyes or a nose.  But it is a greatly loved toy.  
Stuffy day was fun, and a great way to teach measurement and other areas.  I told Ms. H if she had let me know, I would have brought in my stuffy.

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