Thursday, April 17, 2014

And this is how things are going

I saw my primary care physician Friday.  He says basically I have a huge target on my back.  The  least little thing can set off one of my many aliments.  He says I am doing well, and to take things easy.  This week he said nothing planned, that meant no church, school, or marriage factory.  I have been good, slowly walking to regain strength; sleeping when my body tells me to rest; and eating a little more to slow down weight loss.

Also I have done laundry which made me walk up and down steps a lot, cooked, washed dishes, and waited on Marty hand and foot.  Remember Marty has bursitis and it to not walk except when absolutely necessary.  Thank goodness I am now stronger and can help him. 

Marty doesn't mind well, but he is trying to sit and let me take care of him for a change.  I bring water, ice packs, newspapers, mail, and whatever I can carry.  He is so miserable with pain that he can't sleep in the bed and sleeps in the recliner.  He now understands why I love our recliners.  They just wrap around you and support the hurt part of your body.

Every night I tuck him into the recliner.  He has a big down comforter that I wrap around his feet and tuck around his body.  I turn off all the lights in the living room except the one by his chair.  Then I go to bed.  I leave my phone on by the bed so if he needs something he can call me and I can go help him. 

Marty and I laugh and say between us we almost have one working body.  As pitiful as we sound, we are so much better off than many friends and family.  We are treatable, we have good insurance, and we have each other. 

Tonight we are celebrating our 47th anniversary, a week or so late.  We were not well enough on April 8 to be out and about.  Tonight we are going to a lovely place that is on the water.  We hope to have a window table to enjoy the view.  We will eat well, and I may even have a cocktail.  Then we will come home and watch Vampire Diaries. 

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