Thursday, April 3, 2014

Update on me

Life has been wacko since Wednesday March 19.  I had chest pains and we made another run to Kaiser ER.  I did not have a heart attack.  They changed my meds, and told me to have a stress test.  That Friday I started the stress test, a 20 minute test, I lasted 4 minutes.  No pain, no shortness of breath, but elevated pulse and blood pressure.  An angiogram was scheduled for April 1.  Yes, quite a joke on me.

To have the procedure I had to be weaned off Warfarin a long term drug.  I started Lovenox shots, which are 12 hour blood thinners.  Yes, sticking myself in the stomach again. This takes 10 days. During that time I had limited activity and the only time I could leave the apartment was to go to Kaiser.  Finally I am off all blood thinners and have the angiogram.  Great results no blockage, no build up of plaque, the heart is fine.  Again another week of no activity and homebound. 

During the night after the angiogram I went into A-Fib.  Weak, fainty, pounding heart, also very low blood pressure.   Back to Kaiser to see my primary care physician, Dr. J.   He cut out some meds, and said I was anemic probably from the loss of blood during the angiogram.  An appointment was made for next Monday with a cardiologist.  Dr. J also told me to stop losing weight.  I needed richer foods at this time.  First time in my life a doctor said not to diet. He wants me to maintain and rest.

After 2 days my heart has calmed down and I am feeling much better.  Monday maybe we will find out why chest pains, why I suddenly started having elevated pulse and blood pressure with exercise.

Stay tuned.

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