Monday, April 28, 2014


Ah, yes, memories.  In 70 years I have a lot of memories, good, bad, funny, awesome.  I thought I would bore you with a few of my memories.  I have to do memories, right now I don't have much going on other than Kaiser.

When I was a toddler my Daddy would stand me on his feet, hold my hands, and we would walk down the stairs to breakfast. 

I adored Mother and Daddy, but one day they ticked me off.  I was around 3 or 4.  I was probably still mad they brought home that redheaded baby boy.  Anyway, I called my Aunt Rosie and Uncle Fessor to come get me.  I could call them because I knew their number 314, and the operator also knew who I wanted when I said call my Uncle Fessor.  (This was before dial phones kids, the operator would say Number Please.  It was a small town and no numbers longer than three.) They came and picked me up.  I left in my pajamas, so they opened their store and outfitted me with shoes and clothes.  After a few days I forgave my parents and moved back home.

I remember us driving and Daddy would point out white smoke in the forests.  He explained it was from moonshine stills.  Remember I grew up in the mountains of Kentucky. 

I remember when I realized my widowed mother and Papa Jack were in love.  That is an awesome memory.  I also remember when Papa Jack said he was going to put bells on my shoes, because I kept walking in on them necking. 

Awkward memory that turned out great:  blind date with my husband, Marty.  Not the best date I have ever been on, but something was there.  47 years of marriage and counting.

Scary memory, the drive to the airport the day Little Brother left for Vietnam . 

Fun time, for years we played canasta marathons with Susan and Gary.  The kids played games and were put to bed.  The adults played cards.  Susan and I won every game for years and years.  Susan is a great partner.  She knew where every card was.  I drove her crazy because I hardly knew what was in my hand.  While we played cards Marty and Gary would drink Bourbon, Susan and I drank Pepsi.  The ladies had a big time edge there.  Then Susan and I discovered white wine.  The teams were suddenly equal.  Susan and I went years before we won another game. 

This was sort of fun.  Be warned, I will do memories again. 

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