Thursday, April 10, 2014

When we last talked . . .

Well, I didn't make my appointment with the cardiologist on Monday.  Sunday night I had screaming high Blood Pressure, but no A-Fib.  Back to the ER.  They observed, took lots and lots of blood, and gave me different drugs.  Tests showed no heart attack, nothing wrong with any of the tests, but BP still high.  So I was taken to the Cardiac Monitoring Unit Monday morning.

The hospital doctor started me on a different set of drugs and thought I would go home that evening.  That didn't happen.  After midnight and Tuesday morning I once again had safe numbers and I was discharged by lunch time on Tuesday.

The doctor had told me I could start regular activities again, slowly.  I was ready to leave house arrest and start normal activity. 

Wednesday I wake up, start to get out of bed, and I start passing out.  What the hell?  It took an hour for me to be able to get up.  I was still very light headed and weak.  To take one of my new meds, I have to have a systolic blood pressure over 100.  I was at 73.  That is zombie land folks.  The high blood pressure lady now is in dangerously low BP land.  I talked to  Kaiser's advice nurse and advice doctor, and then I had a doctor phone appointment.  Meds changed again.  I have to keep a score card to know when to take and what to take. 

Most of the day and evening I was fainty and weak.  Friends babysat me while Marty had to host a seminar.  More about my babysitters another day.

Today I feel pretty good and even it made to my rescheduled hair appointment.  We then went to breakfast and Marty insisted I eat rich food.  I am still losing weight and the doctor doesn't want me to right now.  So I ate Eggs Benedict, and loved the richness of the very bad for me Hollandaise Sauce.

Now the worst part of this sad tale is about Marty.  He has been limping around for a week, terrible pain in his hip.  I nagged and nagged and he finally went to our doctor Tuesday after he got me home from the hospital.  Marty has bursitis.  The pain is bad, and the 26 steps don't help either.  He is trying to stay still and let the medicine heal him.  But Marty is not a sit in the recliner for hours guy.  So I am still nagging him. 

Tomorrow, Friday, I see my primary care doctor for new instructions. 

Stay tuned.

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