Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Really? We don't need more drama

First off let me say this time, it is not a health issue.  We are upset, but safe.

Yesterday some one broke into our apartment in broad daylight.  I left with friends around 5:10 to go to dinner and then to book group.  Marty was at a church meeting and got home around 8:00. When I got home at 9:30 I couldn't find my mini IPad, which I had left charging in the kitchen.  It was gone as was the cord, but not the wall plug.  Then we checked jewelry and a ring is missing.

There was no sign of a break in, doors locked, dead bolt on back door.  How did they get in? Maybe someone knew how to pick a lock.  We used find my IPhone/IPad.  Marty activated this IPad is lost, please call this number.  About an hour later my cell rang and a man wanted to know if I had lost my IPad.  He had just bought it on Craig's List, two hours ago. He was going to bring it back to us.

I was afraid it was the thief who would want a "reward" to return it.  I had his phone number in my calls' list, so if a bad guy I could give the police a phone number.  Marty called the police as we waited for the man.  He was a young man, a student at Berkeley, and he was upset for me and for himself.  He had paid $160 for it and he said he knew it was just too good of a deal.  He handed us his ID, the IPad and the charging cord.  The keyboard case was not with it.  The young man did not want to talk to the police.  The thief had his info and he really didn't want to get involved. After thanking him for returning it, we told him to leave because the police would be there soon.

Our policeman could not see how the thief got in, no signs of entry. He also thought it strange the computers weren't taken, and the rest of the jewelry wasn't taken.  He said to look and see if anything else was missing and call him today.   Then he would make a report for us to give to our insurance company.

The young man was a lovely honest person who is a witness.  He can not be forced to give information, and we have the IPad back.  So no search warrant can be served on Craig's list.

The locks have been changed.  We are checking out security systems.  We feel very strange about the whole thing.  Not as scared as I was, but not comfortable.  Someone thrashed my safe area.

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