Sunday, April 13, 2014

Once around the block

After limited activity for over a month, I am allowed to start exercising again.  Today I walked around the block.  This took nearly twice as long as before the latest drama.  But I took it slow and I did it.

Northern California always has something in bloom.  Right now the neighborhood is a blast of color.

Our next door neighbors' front yard.  They love plants and keep planting more stuff.  But it is pretty if just a little bit overgrown.

California poppies.  This is our state flower and it grows where it wants to grow.  The middle of the driveway, on a bridge, with luck in a flower bed.

Two doors up, California poppies, roses and alstroemeria.  

Iris and roses

I have no idea what kind of trees these are.  But they are well worth looking at.

Love the neon colors.

It really is a very pleasant trip around the block.

I like this house and yard.  The colors of the house and of the plants just make me smile.

Home.  Only 20 more steps to the back door.

On our back porch orchids starting to bloom and lots of herbs for good eats.

San Leandro is a lovely town. Flowers and trees are always blooming here.  Marty and I are convinced you could stick a baseball bat in the ground and it would leaf out and produce flowers.  

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