Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bad Health News

In the past 6 weeks I have had constant back/rib, nausea pain, unwanted weight loss.  Tests have been run and the results suck.  I have a mass on my pancreas.  They can not operate because it is wrapped around blood vessels.  Right now I am going through some yucky tests to determine the spread, if cancer, what type. There is very little hope with pancreatic cancer.

Kaiser has been great.  They are getting all the information needed to help me through this and to keep me comfortable.  I am on nausea medication and Mr. Morphine for pain.  I also will be taking a marijuana drug to help my appetite.  Soon I will go to my local dispensary and get a medical marijuana card.  No standing on the street corner in California looking to score.  The marijuana will help with nausea, lack of appetite.  We can buy oils, cookies, make brownies, what ever I need to be comfortable.

Marty and I need prayers.  This is bad for the patient and for the caregiver.  Please share this blog with everyone.  Prayer works, and all religions welcome.

My close friends are circling the wagons.  They have already started driving me for blood work, to book group, etc.  Because of the morphine I can no longer drive.  Also Mr. Morphine makes me just a little slow reacting.  Brain thinks it and mouth goes Whaaaat?  I noticed I type and whole words are left out.

I will post as able.  I am begging Joe to post about weddings.  Not sure if I can keep marrying if in chemo.  When in chemo, they sometimes restrict contact with people. We are living day to day.  

There are a few upsides.  The only foods I am able to eat in a real size servings are lobster and filet mignon.  Marty is suspicious, lobster? Also if we do chemo, no longer shaving my legs.  We also will save money on hair cuts.

Yes, I will go down cracking awful jokes.  In my family you have to laugh to stand life.


Ralph Banta said...

At a loss for words with this news, but will keep the prayers and good thoughts coming your way. Your spirit is remarkable, as always.

Sheilagh said...

My prayers are with you. Kaiser is awesome. I will keep good thoughts and prayers going everyday. I don't know you, but cancer sucks. I lost my parents and a grandmother from this horrible disease. I'm battling skin cancers, Have had all 3 types.

richard said...

Prayers and positive thoughts. You will get through this! Hope the Doctor also prescribed Makers Mark! # #Love you!

Anonymous said...

Ann and I already have you in our prayers and will continue. Hopefully they can do something to shrink the tumor. Nausea is always the big problem as well as back pain. God bless both of you.
Ann and Paul Smith

Mallory Triplett said...

My thoughts and prayers are with both of you!! Glad you're exploring every avenue to keep you as comfortable as possible. You bring us all such joy with your posts, and your humor will get you through. Sending hugs!

jennybell said...

You probably don't remember me. I lived down the street from you on Brookhill in Louisville. Erik was my "bus buddy" and I went to your church for a while (my act of teenage rebellion was to go to a different church than my parents - real bad kid). I am facebook friends with Erik now and just want to add some prayers from the past to your prayer chain. Your attitude is inspirational. Jennifer Greenwell Haddow

Anonymous said...

dear Janet and Marty. Jennifer sent us the awful news. It seems like cancer is surrounding us. Cancer and Limes Disease seem to be holding hands at HCC!!! You are covered in our prayers as well as those of many. They are working wonders for Lamar. He has Stage 4 Lung Cancer :{ Stay positive, and fight, fight fight!!
Love, diane

Stephen Maddox said...

Hi Janet. You don't know me but a mutual friend, Hubert, shared your blog with me. I think that he did so not only because of his big heart but because of yours. Essentially then, there is only one degree of separation between us.

He knows that my mother passed from a three year journey with ALS. In our minds and in our hearts our mother, my sister who helped to care for her, and I cemented the knowledge that love for each other and the love we give to others ripples through the Universe eternally.

May your wit and your grit give you strength and Peace...and more jokes ...